The experiment set-up

The experiment is set up in such a way that different stakeholders can benefit from the project on different levels. The general purpose of the project is to discover under which circumstances a Community Enterprise can prosper and deliver significant results.

10 to 15 Community Enterprise startups
An intensive programme has been developed wherein LSA supports 10 to 15 community groups to devise a business case, design a stabile team and organisation and select a chief executive. These groups have the opportunity to receive a working capital of a maximum of €200.000,- from LSA, which has been made available by the National Postcode Lottery (€1.000.000,-) and Fonds Werken aan Wonen (€700.000,-). This working capital is meant for a period of two years, after this period the Community Enterprise is supposed to be self-sufficient.

Every Community Enterprise within this experiment will have to pitch their business case to an independent committee of experienced professionals in the fields of banking, social entrepreneurship and real estate. This committee will advise LSA on the feasibility expected social return of the Community Enterprise. On the basis of this advice, LSA will determine if and how much working capital is granted to the Community Enterprise startup.

Sharing best practices
The experiences of these 10 to 15 starting Community Enterprises will give an indication of which ‘variables’ play a determinate role in the success of a Community Enterprise. The best practices and practical guides will be shared with all interested communities, residents and stakeholders. Naturally this website will be added on to during the run of the experiment. When several Community Enterprises have been set up, LSA will also organise meetings to facilitate peer exchanging.